Why GutterLove

Choosing a gutter cover in today’s market can be tuff, there are many different products and companies that all say the same thing, promising their product will out preform the rest. The question you should always ask is “WHY?”… What about this system and technology makes it stand out from the rest?

We at GutterXpress have worked with and tried many different gutter cover products for our own experimentation and will continue to do so as new, advanced technology comes out. As it stands today, there is one product we have come to love and trust so much we recommend it to all of our customers when having the gutter cover conversation. You’d be surprised to find out the reason behind why we love this product and what makes it different actually really makes sense… to anyone!

GutterLove is a gutter cover system for your home that was designed to be installed on your gutter at a pitch! This pitched design is invisible once installed, and allows any excess debris to naturally blow or fall off on it’s own. Which means GutterLove will require less hands-on maintenance than the average flat filter would, as it can, in a way, self-clean. Also, this product is a Stainless Steel filtration system which lasts lifetimes longer than the coated steel or punched aluminum gutter guards you generally see.

Anyone can install gutter covers flat over or tucked into the gutter trough. The fact is, they just don’t happen to work very well. (Spoiler alert: most designs you see today are more than 100-years old). GutterLove is in a league of its own because it doesn’t sit flat, but angles like your roof.  If you want to eliminate callbacks for maintenance then ask us about our gutter guards that are pitched like the roof and do most of the work. You might also be surprised with the competitive pricing that come with this superior product!

3 Common Gutter Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Sagging Gutters

What You See: Gutters are sagging, usually at mid-point in the gutter run. They may be hanging so low that water cascades over the side rather than traveling to the downspouts.

What You Do: Install gutter hangers. If you look at your current attachment method and see spikes running through thin tubes, this is called the “spike and ferrule” method and should be replaced with gutter hangers. Attach the gutter hanger at a solid spot in the fascia and screw in firmly. Purchase metal hangers. Avoid plastic hangers, as they tend to break.

Leaking Gutter End Caps

What You Do: Install new end caps. Most end caps are either left-side or right-side, so you will need to buy the correct side. Remove the old end cap. Thoroughly scrub off any debris from around the end of the gutter. Fill inside section of end cap with exterior grade silicone sealant and press end cap onto gutter. Attach with a pop rivet tool or sheet metal screws. Clean off excess caulk with a gloved hand.

Loose Downspouts

What You Experience: Your downspouts wave in the wind or bang on the side of the house when you are trying to sleep.

What You Do: Thankfully this is an easy fix. Purchase a number of downspout straps. These flat, thin strips of metal can be formed by hand into a U-shape that holds the downspout to the corner of the house. Attach straps (or use existing straps, if in good shape) to the house. Form around the downspout. Drill pilot holes into the downspout and connect with two 3/8-inch sheet metal screws per strap.