Gutter Cleaning Vs Gutter Guards, What’s more cost effective?

At bare minimum homeowners are advised to clean their gutters at least twice a year, generally in the Spring and again in the Fall. Keeping your gutters free and clear of debris can save a lot of money in the long run from costly repairs not only to the gutters but to the home as well.

The average home has usually between 100 – 200 linear feet of gutter and on average it will cost a homeowner between $150 – $300 to have their gutters properly cleaned by both a professional and insured company. If done on the recommended schedule that bill can come to about $300 – $600 plus tax per year.

Many homeowners debate over the choice of installing Gutter Guards for their home or just sticking to regular bi-annual cleanings. When you sit back and do the math, investing in the right Gutter Guard product might make more sense by providing less maintenance and stress for many homeowners in our area.

On that same average home, middle of the road Gutter Guards are going to range anywhere from $10 – $15 a linear foot for both the product and installation. Doing research on which product is right for your home is crucial, there any many different brands and designs to choose from. If you do decide to invest in a Gutter Guard product your going to want to make sure the product you choose offers the lifespan and durability that makes your investment worthwhile.

Gutter Guard products range from cheap plastic material to surgical grade stainless steel. It is also important to find a Gutter Guard that will be installed to match the pitch of your roof, otherwise all the debris your Gutter Guard worked to keep from your gutters will collect on top of the guard and ultimately clog and require cleaning as well.

When it comes down to it, many people find investing in a product that can pay for itself in gutter cleaning savings within only a 2 – 3 year span is a no brainer. Although this may seem like a big investment initially it will save you money by removing the necessity for professional gutter cleanings, or if you’re used to cleaning gutters yourself it can eliminate the time you spend scooping leaves, seeds and animal waste from your gutters.

Finding the right product and installation professional is key!